This will explain the Sections Tab, the data it holds, and its function.

The Sections Tab holds all of the sections in DLCgo.  A section is what teachers are actually associated with, not courses.  Sections are tied to your online course through their LMS ID.  So, when a student is enrolled in a section, they will be pushed to your online course to the course with this LMS ID.  See below for more about the LMS ID.

When you click on the Sections Tab, you will initially see all of the sections that you teach and their enrollment data including the Term the section is in, Cap, Enrollments, Weight, and Weighted Enrollments.  For more information about Caps, Enrollments, Weight, and Weighted Enrollments see the Teacher Glossary article.

The name of the section is designed to tell several bits of information.  It displays the name of the course, followed by the term (S1, S2, Y1), followed by the last name of the teacher of the section.  This helps staff members distinguish between sections without needing other columns of data.

If you click on a section name, you will access the Section Profile.

Section Profile

When you open a Section Profile, the top will contain basic information including two important items: Sync with LMS button and the LMS ID

The Sync with LMS button can be used when students indicate they have an issue accessing the course.  Before using this button see the Course Access and Common Issues article.

The LMS ID field will indicate which online course course the students in the section will be pushed to.  This LMS ID should match the course you want students to be enrolled in your online course.  To determine the LMS ID for any online course, visit the course and look at the URL.  The LMS ID is at the end of the URL:  If you find a discrepancy between the LMS ID of your course and the LMS ID of your DLCgo section, please email with the section name and the correct LMS ID.

Below the Basic Information section, you will see a list of your students and their enrollment data.

From the Section Profile, you can also access the Current Enrollments page for the section.    

For more information see the Current Enrollments article.