This will explain what the Current Enrollments Pages do and where you can find them.

Note: these pages are not to be confused with the Enrollments Tab.

The Current Enrollments Pages exist in many places and act as a collation of enrollment data.  It typically focuses more on success (grades), and administrative information (start/end dates).

Here are the places that you can access a Current Enrollments page.  Note that each of these pages is the same, but displays slightly different data based on how you got there:

Teacher Profile: Displays all of the teacher’s enrollments (all sections and terms).

Student Profile: Displays all of the student’s enrollments.

Teachers will find the most bang for their buck in the Teacher Profile’s Current Enrollments simply because it displays the most data, and you can organize it by section, course, or by student.

These pages are important because they allow for a lot of Enrollment Data tracking including the student’s Inactive Phase, Learning Pathway, and Start/End Dates.  All of these can be changed by bulk (only one of them at a time – you cannot change both the inactive phase and learning pathway simultaneously, for example).

To alter Enrollment Data by Bulk:

  1. Check the boxes for the students you would like to change. 
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page.
  3. To change the level of concern:
    • For example, if you want to change all the selected students to “Concerned”, select the drop down in the Course Activity window and select Concerned. Then click the blue Apply button.  
    • To change the Start and End Dates:
      • Click the Change Dates button, then select the Start and End dates that you want. IMPORTANT NOTE: You must select the same start and end date for all the selected students. Likely, you will want to change these individually for more flexibility (see below to the next set of instructions). 
  4. Click the Apply button next to the dropdown you are changing.

To alter Enrollment Data individually:

  1. Click the icon in the Edit column. 
  2. ONLY alter the following fields: Start Date, End Date, and Course Activity.
  3. Save