This will explain the terms used in DLCgo.

Student: the student that is enrolled in a course, or has an account in DLCgo.

Guardian: the caregiver on the student’s application form (Student Profile -> Edit Information).

Affiliation: generally means “school”, but can also mean someone with an Affiliation Role (See Afilliation Role).

Super Affiliation: the School Division, Band, or Organization that governs the affiliation (school).  All affiliations must belong to a Super Affiliation.  For example, the Super Affiliation for Outlook High School is the Sun West School Division.

Affiliation Role: generally the role a Principal in a school gets, but this has also been given to others that support students in the school when there is already a Mentor.

Mentor: a school support generally assigned to supervise and assist students.  Note – each Affiliation can only have one mentor.  Other supports can be added to the affiliation but would have a different role.

Section: the course and term that a teacher is assigned to.  For example, Physics 30 S1 and Physics 30 S2 are different sections.

Course: the course that is offered over multiple terms.  A container that holds sections.

Enrollment: a student in a section.

Weight: a number associated to a section to determine teacher workload.  For example, in general, an S1 section has a weight of 1 while a Y1 section has a weight of 0.5.  This number is multiplied by the number of Enrollments in a section to determine it’s Weighted Enrollment.

Weighted Enrollment: the product of the number of Enrollments and the Weight associated with each enrollment.  Weighted enrollments could be determined at various levels including per section or per teacher.  This number is compared to the cap to determine how full a teacher’s load is.  For example:

Section Name
Weighted Enrollments
Physics 30 S1
Physics 30 Y1

Using these sections for a teacher, the Weighted Enrollments can also be calculated for them:

Teacher Name
Weighted Enrollments
John Doe

Cap: the maximum number of weighted enrollments a teacher can have.  By default, this cap is a yearlong cap.  To determine percentage workload, in general teachers can divide the Weighted Enrollment by half the cap.

Inactive Phase: an internal measure of how “active” a student is in a section.  See Inactive Process article for more information.

Learning Pathway: an internal measure of whether the student is following a rough synchronous schedule (Guided) or following a different pace (Flex).  They could also be on a personalized program (Personalized).  Important Note: when a course attempt is tied off (completed, dropped, rollover transfer reason) the learning pathway is recorded by DLCgo to determine the Completion Rates for that school.  For more information see the Completion Rates article.

Drop: when a student is removed from a section for various reasons and does not intend to fill that time slot with another DLC course.

Withdraw: this means that a student has identified that they no longer want to take courses from us.  They may have gone to another school, or are choosing to home school.  However, they are no longer considered “active students”.

Complete: to Complete a student means that the student has finished the course and no longer needs to have access to it.  It is assumed that the enrollment attempt is completely done and marks can be uploaded to the ministry.  For more information on how to Complete a student see the Current Enrollments Page article.

Transfer: when a student is moved to another section for a reason.  This should be done when a student intends to drop a course but take another in its place.  This saves us the enrollment fee with Genius.  Each transfer is tagged with a reason.  The most important reason is Rollover as it is tied to our Completion Rates report.  For more information see the Completion Rates article.

Status: a status is a label given to a “thing” to describe it in further detail.  Here are some common status’s for various items in DLCgo:

  • Student: Active, Withdrawn
  • Enrollment: Active, Dropped, Completed
  • Flags: Active, Archived

Archive: an Archive or Archived status means that the “thing” (flag, student, course, section, term, etc) is no longer active and can be hidden from view.  All of these can be found again, but not with default searches and views.  However, an archived section does not remove course access for students.

Term: a timeframe for a course.  Typically this is S1, S2, or Y1.  End dates are fixed for terms, but students have some flexibility over start dates.

Semester: this is the School Year.