This will explain the Courses Tab, the data it holds, and its function.

The Courses Tab holds all of the courses in DLCgo.  The course itself acts as a container for sections, which is what teachers are assigned to teach and vary by the term they are associated with (S1, S2, Y1).

When you click on this tab, you will see general information about the courses you teach including the number of students enrolled in the course (all students, including those you don’t teach).

If you click on a course, you will see its Course Profile.

Course Profile

The Course Profile offers one way to access your sections and your section data.  In the main page, you will see a widget that collates all the sections of the course and their enrollment data.  Clicking on the name of a section will take you to the Section Profile in the Sections Tab (for more information see the Sections Tab article).

From here, you can also access the Current Enrollments page for the course, but it will also contain all students in the course, not just yours.  For more information see the Current Enrollments article.