This will explain the Teachers Tab, the data it holds, and its function.

The Teachers Tab stores information about a Teacher Profile, their Cap, Enrollments, and Weighted Enrollments. This is also where Teachers would access their main Current Enrollments page from their Teacher Profile (see below).

Note: Teachers will only see their name on this tab.

Teacher Profile

When you click on your name, you will access your Teacher Profile.

In it, you will find various bits of information including the sections you currently teach and the data associated with it.  For more information about Enrollments, Weight, and Weighted Enrollments see the Teacher Glossary article.

On the left hand side, you will see some important pages including Current Enrollments, Enrollment History, and Contact History.  This Current Enrollments page is likely the one most teachers will find most useful.  For more information about Current Enrollments pages, see the Current Enrollments article.

Enrollment History

This page will give you a list of students and data associated with their enrollment including start date, end date, when they were removed, and the overall outcome of that enrollment (complete, drop, etc).  It will also house their grade information.

You can use the filters at the top to make the report more meaningful, specifically choosing a date range for the report and specific a specific enrollment status.  By default, the status is set to NOT_ACTIVE which will show you the enrollments that have had closure on them (drop, completed, etc).

Contact History

This page will summarize all active students and let you know when the last time you contacted them using a DLCgo email function.  See the last column for this data.

As with most reports in DLCgo, you can always export the list to excel by clicking the Export Results to Excel button that is always found in the top right corner of DLCgo pages: