Q: How do I fill in my timecard?

A: Login to your ADP Workforce Now account by going to this link: https://workforcenow.adp.com. It is recommended that you bookmark this site on your computer. 


Once logged in, you go to the Myself tab at the top menu bar of the page and choose My Timecard


Hourly employees need to enter in all time worked. Salaried employees only need to enter in exceptions. If salaried employees have no exceptions (vacation, sick leave, EDO/SDO, etc.) to report for the month, you do not have to submit a timecard to your manager for approval that month. 


A video on how to fill in your timecard is available here. 


Q: When does my manager need to approve my timecard by?

A: A yearly schedule outlining the due dates of manager approved timecards for both semi- and monthly paid employees is available here. 


Q: When do I submit my timecard?

A: Your manager will let you know when your timecard is due to them based on the deadlines in the above schedule, to allow them to approve it before the required deadline. Please speak with your manager about this deadline. You may also wish to put a reminder in your calendar, as Workforce Now will not send out a reminder. 


Q: How does my manager approve my timecard?

A: Managers will login to their ADP Workforce Now account and go to the My Team tab in the top menu bar and choose Individual Timecard. Here you will be able to choose the timecard(s) you would like to approve. 


Further information on how to approve timecards, including a training video, is available here


Q: Do I have to code Stat Holidays on my timecard?

A: No, you can leave STAT Holidays blank on your timecard. The system will calculate your STAT holiday pay automatically, based on your previous month’s working hours, if you are paid hourly. 


Q: What Stat Holidays are recognized by the Sask DLC?

A: As a Treasury Board Crown, the Sask DLC follows the Government of Saskatchewan’s Designated Holidays. The 2023-24 designated holidays are available here


Q: How do I make a change to the timecard before it is submitted for approval?

A: If there is an error on a timecard submission, the employee can delete the row with the error, save the timecard and then re-add the proper information for that day and save it. 



Q: How are changes made to a submitted timecard?

A: If there is an error in a submitted timecard or if there is another exception to report during the time period (for example a vacation or sick day), then you will need to send an email to  humanresources@saskDLC.ca to make the change. The edit will appear on your next pay period.  


In the future, there will be an option for employees to use the request time off function in Workforce Now to send these types of requests to their managers for approval and then it will automatically appear on your next pay. Once this function is available, it will be communicated with all staff. 


Q: When is pay day each month?

A: Monthly paid employees are paid on the 25 of every month. Semi-monthly paid employees are  paid twice a month. The exact pay day is different each month. The full schedule of pay days for both pay groups is available in the Timecard and Pay Schedule here.  


Q: Who is paid semi-monthly?

A: Hourly employees including those formerly part of CUPE 4802 such as Educational Assistants, Administrative Assistants, Family Support Workers, in-scope IT roles are paid semi-monthly. 


Q: Why don’t I see my vacation balance or entitlements in the system?

A: This information is currently not visible in the system and will be added in the near future, as Sask DLC phases in the use of the new WorkForce Now system.   Soon we will begin a process of validating vacation and other benefit entitlements for all employees. We want to ensure the info being uploaded into the system is correct. In some circumstances this requires collaboration with former employers to obtain the information. We ask staff for your patience while we work to ensure accuracy so your benefit balances are correct. 


Q: What do I do if I am having issues with the Workforce Now system?

A: Staff have access to the ADP Employee Service Centre to answer any questions or support you in troubleshooting. They are open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST at 1-866-9499 or csemployeeservices@adp.com.  


Q: Is there information on the Helpdesk that I can refer to?

A: Yes!   All the Timecard and Payroll resources are on our helpdesk.


New Employees Accessing Workforce Now


Q: What is Workforce Now used for?

A: Workforce Now is the payroll system used by Sask DLC and operated by our third-party provider, ADP. It provides us the ability to: 

  • submit and approve timecards electronically
  • view time off and make time off requests 
  • view pay statements/T4s
  • set up or change direct deposit information





Q: How do I access Workforce Now?

A: You will receive a personalized email from ADP to your Sask DLC email account inviting you to create a sign-in. Staff must create an account in order to access the system and submit timecards. 


Q: How do I learn how to use the Workforce Now system?

A: Once you are logged in, you will have access to a catalogue of learning courses to help you know how to use the Portal, how to navigate, view and edit your personal information. This will provide both employees and managers information on how to leverage the site features and activities. 


Sask DLC reference documents, such as a Timecard and Payroll schedule and a video showing you how to login submit your timecard are available on the staff Helpdesk here.  


Transition to the ADP Workforce Now System – October 2023


Q: What are we doing?

A: The Sask DLC has contracted ADP to provide us with our comprehensive program to provide an HR and Payroll system called Workforce Now. The new system was launched to all employees effective October 5, 2023.


Q: Why are we doing it?

A: This new online system Workforce Now allows us to move to a fully electronic system for submitting and approving timecards. It also provides staff 24/7 access to pay stubs, vacation and sick banks and the ability to update their personal information in a timely fashion, as needed. 


This system provides an efficient way to track employee data in a safe and secure environment, while freeing up HR time to assist employees in more value-added ways. 


Q: What benefits are there for staff?  

A: All staff benefit by the availability of an Employee Self Service Portal, which allows any active staff to log in and view paystubs, change direct deposit information, make a change of address, and more. This provides easy access to staff information and reduce the need to call or email with requests for updates, changes or to ask questions.  Of course, HR and Payroll are still be here to respond to any questions you have: humanresources@saskDLC.ca


The system also makes it easier for managers to manage staff’s timecard approvals and time off requests. 


Q: Is Workforce Now different than the TeamPay system I logged in to for my August and September timecards?

A:   Yes, Sask DLC has transitioned from the temporary use of TeamPay, where staff accessed their August and September timecards, over to Workforce Now. Both systems are operated by ADP but require different login setups.  The TeamPay system is available to us temporarily until the end of December 2023, so if you require access to your August and September paystubs, please download and save a copy. HR will also have saved copies on file for the previous months as a backup/support.