This will explain the Enrollments Tab, the data it holds, and its function.

Teachers can click on the Enrollments Tab to run filtered searches on their students based on enrollment data.

The main filters include:

  • Affiliation – get students from a particular school.
  • Course – get your students enrolled in a specific course.
  • Term – get students from a particular section type (S1, S2, Y1).
  • Grade Level – get students from a particular grade.
  • Course Activity – get students with a particular level of concern, find Paused or Do Not Phase students, find your completed students, etc.
  • Learning Pathway – get students on a particular learning pathway (guided, flex, personalized).

As with most searches in DLCgo, you can always export the list to excel by clicking the Export Results to Excel button that is always found in the top right corner of DLCgo pages:


You can also email the students directly from this list.  For more information see the Communicating in DLCgo article.