This will explain where and how teachers can communicate with students, parents, mentors, and affiliations in DLCgo.

There are several areas teachers can use to send emails in DLCgo.  Each email is tracked in the student’s View Communication page (for more information see the Student Profile article).

In all email functions, teachers have the option of including variables in the subject and body of the email to pull in personalized information for each student, even when mass emailing.  For example, the variable [FIRST_NAME] will pull in each student’s first name in each email that is sent.

All email functions send separate emails rather than CCing or BCCing multiple students, guardians, etc in the same communication.  So, each new student will trigger a separate email that includes the relevant support people you want (guardian, mentor, etc).

Currently, each email page has a slightly different user interface which is something we are trying to address.