This will explain the Students Tab, the data it holds, and its function.

Teachers can click on the Students Tab to see a list of all of their students.  Teachers can only see the students that they teach.

The data held in this tab is focused on demographic information, and does not contain information about the sections students are enrolled in, or who their teachers are.  It does hold the student’s affiliation though.

The default view can be altered by clicking the Customize Columns button in the top right of the data chart:

Finding Students

By default, you are taken to a data chart with a list of your students.  When you click on a student’s name, you will be taken to the Student profile. For more information see the Student Profile article.

You can also use the search bar in the top right of your window to type student names from any page (doesn’t work if you are in the Edit Information page for a student).

The left hand navigation will allow you to search look closer at the data tied to your student:

Basic Search

The Basic Search will allow you to use filters to generate student lists. 

One area of focus for teachers could be to filter the Flag field (for more information see the Student Profile article).  To perform a search:

  1. Choose the filters you would like to apply.
  2. Click the Get Data button.

As with most searches in DLCgo, you can always export the list to excel by clicking the Export Results to Excel button that is always found in the top right corner of DLCgo pages:


Bulk Emails

This page will give you another list of filters that allows you to generate a list of students that you would like to communicate with.  For more information see the Communicating in DLCgo article.

Advanced Filter


This page allows for more flexibility with filtering allowing the ability to use search queries like is, is not, between, etc.  For example, you could search for birthdays between date 1 and date 2.  You could then save the filter and load it if you run the same search often.