This will explain what each of the horizontal navigation tabs are, and the data they hold.

The main way to navigate in DLCgo is through the horizontal tabs across the top of the page.

  1. DLCgo: This tab will take you to your dashboard (for more information see the Teacher Dashboard article)
  2. Students: Displays all of your students.  This tab holds Student information with respect to their demographics.  It also houses the Student profile (for more information, see The Student Profile article)
  3. Enrollments: Displays enrollment data.  This is more about who is taking what course and the details of that enrollment.  This tab is not to be confused with the Current Enrollments pages (for more information, see Current Enrollments Pages article).
  4. Teachers: Displays teacher data.  This tab holds the Teacher profile and is likely the most popular place to access your Current Enrollments Page (for more information, see Current Enrollments Pages article).
  5. Mentor: Displays mentor information.
  6. Courses: Displays your courses and houses course information.  This tab holds the Course profile.
  7. Sections: Displays your sections and houses section information.  This tab holds the Section profile.
  8. Reports: This tab is where you can build reports based on the data you have access to.
  9. Affiliations: Displays affiliation data, including their contact information and users.