Step 1: Press the Windows Button on your keyboard and type in “Settings”.

  • Select Bluetooth & devices and choose Printers & scanners.
  • Click the Add device button.

Step 2: Windows will look for any nearby printers, however we want to add our printers manually.

Step 4: Once the Add a Printer Wizard comes up, Select the 3rd option, “Add a printer using an
IP address or hostname” and click Next.

Step 5: From the Device type drop-down menu select the “AutoDetect” option.

  • Now select the Hostname or IP address box area, and from the list below, please enter
    one the corresponding Printer IP Addresses for your Campus. Once the ip address has
    been entered, Click the Next Button.

SaskDLC Printer IP Addresses

Main Floor - Reception area
Toshiba E-Studio Color
Receiving Bay:
Toshiba Estudio Black Only:
2nd Floor
HP Color LaserJet M725 –
HP Black LaserJet M604 -

Konica-Minolta Bizhub–

Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Moose Jaw:
Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Swift Current:
Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Konica-Minolta Bizhub–

La Ronge:
Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Prince Albert:

Konica-Minolta Bizhub –

Step 6: Now, you’ll see a message informing you that you’ve added the printer. You can change
the printer’s name in the text box or leave it as it is. SaskDLC IT, recommends leaving
the name as is.

  • Press the Next button to view printer sharing options.
  • On the next window, you will be asked if you want to share this printer on the network,
    please click the Do not share radio button.

Step 7: Select Next again to reach a Print test page button, which you can click if you wish.

Step 7: Press the Add a printer wizard’s Finish button to complete the setup.


Step 1: To add a printer in Mac OS, Choose Apple menu > System Settings, then (You may need to
scroll down.) click Printers & Scanners in the sidebar.

Step 2: In the Printers & Scanners Settings page, if the printer is Air Print compatible, it may show up
in the Printers Area, but most likely you will need to manually add it to you Mac.

Step 3: Click on the Add Printer, Scanners. Button, and the Add Printer Window will show up. In this
window, select the Middle “IP” Option and from the list above. Click here for Ip Addresses.

  • After adding the printer IP address, go down to the bottom of the page and Select the Add
    Button, and the printer will be added to your Mac.

Questions or Concerns about this document please reach out to the SaskDLC Helpdesk @