Step 1: Log into SaskTel Voice Mail

Step 2: Click Messages to open your inbox and check your voicemail

  • Click on the play button beside the voicemail you wish to hear.

Step 3: Managing your messages

  • Add the phone number to your Contacts
    • Enter a name
    • Choose the type (Home, Business, or Cellular)
    • Click Create
  • Forward to Email to send the message sound file (.wav) to any email address
    • Enter the address you want to send it to and click Add (repeat to add more addresses)
    • Click Send
  • Download to save the message sound file (.mp3) to your computer
    • See Saving voice mail messages to your computer for more information
  • Mark as New to mark the message as new (as if you have not listened to it yet)
    • A green box will appear around the message
    • You'll get a new voicemail notification
  • Mark as Saved (appears only on new messages in place of Mark as New) to save the message and unmark it as new
  • Delete to send the message to the Trash
    • Deleted messages will stay in your Trash for 7 days and then will be deleted permanently
    • During those 7 days, you can listen to your deleted messages in Messages > Trash