The pre-approval form is available to all Sask DLC staff to request professional development, HR expenses, corporate sponsorship, and business travel.


Whether you are planning to attend a conference or workshop, requesting approval for tuition expenses, or traveling within or outside the province for work-related reasons, this form will standardize the approval process and help us plan and manage these activities more efficiently. The pre-approval form includes various details such as the reason for the request, details of the event or travel, budget and estimated costs, and the duration and dates of the proposed activity.


To ensure proper review and approval, you are required to complete and submit this form before undertaking any such activity or booking any travel. Your immediate supervisor or the designated department head will review the request, and once they approve, the form will proceed for final authorization.


Once approved, you may proceed with booking the travel or PD as per the approval. Expenses such as per diem and milage will be reimbursed after the PD or travel is completed and upon submission of an approved expense form. For larger expenses incurred well before the planned event, such as flights or conference fees, please work with your supervisor to have these booked using a Sask DLC PCard.