Video Instructions: Omitting and Providing Alternate Assessments-20231017_094419-Meeting Recording.mp4

  1. Select “Grades” from the sidebar

  2. Select “Single View”, and under “Select Grade Item”, select the assignment you wish to exclude or omit.

  3. Choose which individual students to exclude, or select “Exclude All”. Any grade that was entered previously, will now be removed from the grade book.

  4. To leave a comment, check off “Override” for individual students, or “Override All” for all students. It will leave blank grades, and allow comments to be given in the feedback column.

  5. To sort by Individual students instead of assignments, select a student from “Select user”. Check off either “Exclude” to remove an assignment, or “Override” to allow a comment in the “Feedback” box.

  6. For alternate assessments, make sure it is the same grade value. To swap an assignment, omit an assignment from the student(s), and then create an assignment and assign it to the selected student(s). Alternatively, create two assessments with the same grade value, and let students choose between the two.

  7. Press “Save”