Soapbox - How to complete an expense report and direct deposit form (

How to complete expense reports

This document is designed to help you understand how to complete your expense report and direct deposit form.  The direct deposit form only needs to be completed and submitted once you submit your expense report.

Before you begin

  1. Please make sure you have all of your corresponding receipts for your expense report. Each line item on your expense report needs to have a corresponding receipt, except for kilometers and per diem meals.  
    1. Kilometers – staff will be reimbursed for travel expenses based on the number of kilometers traveled and a rate of 54.82 cents


  1. Per diem meals – the Sask DLC reimburses staff based on a daily allowance for meals (Breakfast $10.0, Lunch $18.00, Dinner $23.00).   For example, if an employee has a $12.00 lunch, they can claim $18.00 per diem on their expense report under Column K, likewise, if an employee spends $40 on meals throughout the day they can indicate a per diem of $51.00 in column M.  The meal rates include reimbursement for GST and gratuities.

Expense reports can be submitted to once the employee's supervisor has approved and dated the report.

Expense Report

  1. Print Name:  indicate your first name and last name
  2. Print Address:  indicate your home address
  3. Date Field: this date must be the same date that the expense incurred.   It must match your receipt date
  4. Columns B, C, D, E and F you do not need to complete
  5. ***Description of (Column G): indicate your expense type
    1. If you travel in your own vehicle, indicate the reason for the expense and include the start and end addresses (ie:  Staff Meeting, Kenaston (408 5 Ave Kenaston SK S0G 2N0) to Saskatoon office (331 1 Ave N Saskatoon SK S7K 2X5)
  6. # of Kilometers: Use Google Maps to determine total kilometers (i.e.: Kenaston to Saskatoon is 80.50 kilometers)
  7. Cost of Kilometers: this field should auto-populate but if it doesn’t, multiply the number of kilometers by .5482
  8. Total Cost: This field should auto-populate
  9. Submitted By:  Type your name 
  10. Date: the date you completed your expense report
  11. Approved by:  your supervisor needs to complete this field
  12. Date: your supervisor will indicate the date they approved your expense report

*** Description Column, if you travel to multiple locations in a day, please create a separate line item for each “trip”.  For example, you will need 3 separate line items if you travel from Kenaston to the Saskatoon office, the Saskatoon office to a restaurant for lunch then the restaurant to Kenaston all on the same day.

How to complete the direct deposit payment request form

The direct deposit form only needs to be completed and sent to once.  


  1. Full name: indicate your first name and last name
  2. Mailing address:  indicate your home mailing address and postal code
  3. Email address:  indicate your personal email address
  4. Section 1:
    1. Signer’s Name:  indicate your first and last name
    2. Title:  indicate your Sask DLC title
    3. Authorizing Signature:  employee signature
    4. Telephone Number:  employee telephone number
  5. Section 2: 
    1. Please only do A OR B,  not a combination of both
    2. A) attached is a copy of a personal cheque with the word VOID written across it.  Please make sure your name and address is on the cheque.  All banking apps allow customers to access a VOID cheque for free


B) The employee's financial institution must provide the employee's Branch, Institution, and Account number and must sign and stamp the direct deposit form.   The name and address of the financial institution must also be indicated.