In this help and information tutorial, you will learn how to connect to the DLC printers with your X1 Yoga Thinkpad laptops.

**Please note that you need to be added to the DLC Uprint group to see the DLC printers. If you cannot see the printers, contact the Sun West IT department at and ask them to be added to this group.**

Step 01

Go to the "Printer or Scanner" window by searching "printer" in the search bar on the bottom left corner that says "Type here to search"

Step 02

Click "Add a printer or scanner" and wait until it fully loads.

Step 03

Then, click on the blue link called "Search Universal Print for printers"

Step 04

type "dlc" into the search bar and click the DLC printer you want to connect to.

Step 05

click "add device" to connect to the printer. Once it's been connected you will see the status change to "Ready"