Teachers will have control of phasing their students. Monthly reminders will be sent out to look at your students and decide what phase they should be in. The phase emails are sent by Aaron on the last Wednesday of each month. 

The original Phase 1 that was done by teacher reminders and phone calls will not be part of the ‘disciplinary’ phases. (Our high school made this change as well.)

The teacher is responsible for communicating with the family, encouraging the student to do the Orientation, get started in the courses, submit assignments, and to work with the student to create a plan. If the student/family has not engaged in their learning and the teacher is very concerned the student is behind, the student should be entered into the Phase Process.

It is a good idea to check to see if the student has siblings before phasing the student. If so, communicate with the sibling’s teacher to see if the situations are the same. We want to be fairly consistent with phasing, so students are treated the same (especially in the same family.)

Phase dates are the last Wednesday of the month to coincide with a high school time.

A further explanation of how the phases are activated and a copy of the emails follow.

A video to explain how to phase in DLCgo can be found here. https://youtu.be/KkGa7UXz288 







Phase 1 - Inactive

Teacher labels student K-9 Inactive 1 in DLCgo. On the last Wednesday of the month an email will go out to the family from Admin. (Aaron makes this happen.) This email will inform the student they are behind and to contact their teacher immediately or they will be restricted.

Phase 1: “Principal’s Office

Subject Line: [First Name][Last Name] is Inactive

Dear Parent/Guardian,
Your teacher [TEACHER_NAME] has made numerous attempts to contact you to discuss options for [NAME]'s educational plan.
There has been inadequate improvement in communication and/or submissions.
Unless your child begins to work diligently on a regular basis [NAME] is unlikely to finish in the time originally indicated. 
Please contact the teacher immediately or access will be temporarily restricted until an educational plan has been put in place.
We look forward to working together to help [NAME] successfully complete on time.
[TEACHER_NAME] can be reached by email at [TEACHER_EMAIL] or by calling the school at (306) 252-1000.
DLC Administration
Cc: File

Phase 2 – Restricted

Consult Admin before moving to this phase. On a reminder day, after consulting with Admin, the teacher may move a student from Phase 1 to Phase 2 which would restrict their access, and ask them to contact Admin to make a plan to return. Aaron activates the email. If Admin receives communication, and restrictions are lifted, the student will be reinstated, and the teacher will reactivate them in the course.

Phase 2: “Suspended”

Subject Line: [First Name][Last Name] has been restricted

Dear Parent/Guardian
In previous communications, you were invited to contact [NAME]’s teacher(s) to put an educational plan in place to complete their DLC course(s). We have either not received a plan or your child has not followed through with the submitted plan. 
As a result, [NAME]’s access has been restricted until you contact Melanie Kerpan or Arlene Low by phoning (306) 252-1000 or emailing melanie.kerpan@sunwestsd.ca or arlene.low@sunwestsd.ca to put an educational plan in place. Please do this within the next couple of days of this dated email.
Our expectation is that our students engage in their education by regularly submitting work and communicating with teachers. 
Within the next two weeks you must have a working plan approved by your teacher and be working on this plan or your child will be withdrawn from the Distance Learning Centre. Should your child be withdrawn, your geographical school division will be notified that your child is no longer a student at the DLC.
We hope to hear from you in order to have these restrictions lifted and forward to discussing options for future success at the DLC.
DLC Administration
Cc: File


Phase 3 - Withdrawn

If there is no communication from the family, the student is automatically moved from Phase 2 to Phase 3 where the student would be withdrawn from the grade/courses. The teacher would receive confirmation of this in a ‘Dropped” email.

It is important to know that this happens automatically, so if you don’t want the student to be withdrawn, you need to go in to DLCgo and change the phase before the deadline last Wednesday of the month.

Phase 3: “Expelled”

Subject Line: [First Name][Last Name] has been withdrawn

 Dear Parent/Guardian,
This email is to inform you that [NAME] has been withdrawn from the DLC due to inactivity. [NAME] will no longer be able to access DLC teachers or resources. 
Section 156 (1) of the Education Act states that "every parent, guardian or other person having charge of a pupil who is of compulsory age shall take all steps that are necessary to ensure regular attendance of that pupil". Compulsory age of attendance is up to age 16. Section 150 (3) of the Education Act states that every pupil shall attend school regularly and punctually and be diligent in his or her studies. In distance education, this means regular communication and regular submission of school work is required.  [NAME] has not fulfilled these requirements.
Your geographical school division will be notified that your child is no longer a student at the DLC.

 DLC Admin
Cc: File


Explanation Emailed to Families to Inform them of the Phase Process Early in the Year.

Student success in an online course comes through regular submission of course work (evidence of learning) and communication with their teacher. Students who do not submit coursework in a timely fashion and/or have not been in contact with their teacher are considered ‘inactive’.

To ensure the best opportunity for our students to complete their grade on time, we have a process to help students be active, stay on track, and deal with concerns when they get off track. Our phasing process has four steps.

  1. If a teacher has not heard from, or has not received submissions from a student for a period of approximately four weeks, the teacher will contact the family to check in and see if there may be issues or barriers to submitting school work.


  1. If the teacher still does not hear from the family over the following 2 – 4 weeks, they will list the student with the office as ‘inactive,’ and parents/guardians will receive an email from DLC Admin stating that the family must contact the teacher immediately, or access to courses will be temporarily restricted until an educational plan has been put in place.


  1. If there is still no contact with the teacher, the family will receive an email stating that course access has been restricted until families contact the school and follow through with the educational plan. 


  1. Finally, if the teacher or the DLC still does not hear from the family, the family will receive an email stating that the student has been dropped from the courses due to inactivity, and will no longer have access to online materials.  

We understand there may be times when there is a lull or interruptions in schedules at home, so if families cannot get any work in for a time period, please communicate with the teacher(s). We want to make all families aware of this process so there are no surprises. We hope that we will hear from all students regularly, so they have the best possible learning experience. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your teacher.