Microsoft Office Spelling & Grammar Check 

Speak is a built-in feature in various MS Office applications such as Word, Outlook, One Note and 

PowerPoint that can be used to have text read aloud to the user. The user can hear single words 

or blocks or sections of text. This feature requires minimum requirements for MS Office. Desktop 

application requires purchase of MS Office. 

Microsoft’s Tutorial on using Text to Speech: Use the Speak text-to-speech feature to read text aloud - Microsoft Support

Moodle Accessibility Block 

The accessibility block provides students with text to speech for most content located in Moodle 

directly (not attached files). The only item that the accessibility block does not work in, is within the 

quiz tool. In addition to text to speech, the Moodle accessibility block allows users to change page and 

font sizes, font colours, and add a colour overlay to assist with visual impairments. The accessibility 

block also includes a dictionary and a spell checker. It requires speakers for audio. There is no cost. 

Instructions on the Accessibility Block: Accessibility Block - MoodleDocs

Instructions on the ATbar, which is part of the Accessibilty Block: Instructions | ATbar

Read & Write w/ PDF Extension 

Read & Write provides web and document text to speech. R&W includes text to speech (including 

PDFs), speech to text, a built-in dictionary and picture dictionary, scanning, voice notes, Google docs/

slides/etc integration, math to speech, and more. It is free for teacher use or 145$ for a single licence. 

Read & Write for Windows Support Guide: 

Official Getting Started video for Read & Write: Read&Write for Windows Toolbar Video Tour ( 

Read Out Loud for Adobe Acrobat

Read Out Loud for Adobe Acrobat provides text to speech reading that is built into Adobe Acrobat Pro. 

The feature uses the windows reading voice to read PDFs, once it is enabled. 

Demo of Read Out Loud: Read a PDF with Adobe Reader's Read Out Loud (