Step 01: Open File Explorer 

Open File Explorer in Windows. 




Step 02Open the Templates Folder 

  1. Once you open File Explorer, paste following address in the address bar %appdata%\Microsoft\Templates\ 
  2. then click Enter on your keyboard.  





Step 03Copy Templates 

  1. In the window that opens, you will find a copy of all templates you created in Microsoft Outlook. On your keyboard, click CTRL+A to select all template files, 
  2. then click CTRL+C to make a copy of them. 




Note: If you only want to backup certain templates, simply look for that template by name and copy the file associated with it. Each template has one Outlook Template Item (.otf). To select multiple items, hold CTRL and click on each item. 

Step 04Store the Copied Templates 

On a USB stick, cloud storage, or U Drive, you will need to create a templates folder for your backup templates. In this folder, click CTRL+V to paste the templates you copied in the previous step. Close all unneeded windows. 






Step 05Restore Templates 

  1. To restore your templates on your new computer or on freshly reimaged computer, begin by installing Microsoft Outlook. 
  2. Once Microsoft Outlook is installed, open the folder you stored your templates in from Step 04. Click CTRL+A, then CTRL+C to copy your stored templates. 
  3. Repeat Steps 01 and 02 to open the Templates folder
  4. Once the templates folder is open, click CTRL+V to paste your templates. Close all unneeded windows. 

You will find that your templates have been restored to Microsoft Outlook.