In this help and information tutorial you will learn how to add students to your online course. Please note that you need to be added to the course as a teacher to do this; If you haven't been added as a teacher, email us as

Step 1: Click the Participants tab

Step 2: Click "Enrol Users" 

Step 3: Search for the student 

Search for the student(s) in the "Select Users" textbox by typing the students name, then clicking they're name in the search results. 

The searched student will appear in blue when they have been clicked. 

You can select multiple students by repeating this step (searching and clicking the student's name)


NOTE: If you can't find the student, it may be because they haven't logged into your online course yet. If this is the case, ask the student to log into Your Online Course using their Sun West email address and password. 

Email us at if you are still unable to find the student

Step 4: Assign role

A) Assign the 'Student' role. Note: 'Student' should be the default role so this doesn't need to be changed

B) Click "Enrol selected users and cohorts"

Step 5

The student(s) will be displayed on the participant's page.

Click the delete icon  to delete a student