This will explain what teachers will experience and do when they get a new student.

After a Course Request is accepted, the teacher of the section will get the registration email associated with the student.  This email displays basic contact and demographic information.

The email includes a link to the student profile.

Note that the student cannot access this course until the start date.  Teachers are expected to maintain the student start and end date as they change.  What happens often, is students will request early access to the course.  This should be done by the teacher.  For more information see the Maintaining Enrollment Start and End Dates article.

When a teacher gets a new enrollment, they are expected to:

  1. Send the student a welcome email within 2 days of their start date.
  2. Visit the Student Profile in DLCgo to view the student’s Academic Snapshot.
  3. Note any Flags the student has.  These may not be populated yet based on how long the student has been with us. For more information about Flags see the Flags section in the Student Profile article.
  4. Click on the Edit Information link in the Student Profile to view the student’s learning needs.  For more information on important fields see the Edit Information section in the Student Profile article.
  5. For full time students (Affiliation = Sask Under 22, Sask 18-22 or Sask 22+) teachers should look through the student’s CUME folder.  When the folder comes in, a CUME IN flag will be displayed.