Communicating in the Enrollments tab allows for a lot of flexibility by combining both student information as well as enrollment information, including course names, teacher names, and other data like start and end dates.  This is where you should go to email students as part of the Inactive Process.  For more information see the Inactive Process article.

Note: this function does not have a fillable carbon copy field.

  1. Choose the filters you would like to apply.
  2. Click the Get Data button.
  3. Check the boxes for the students you would like to email.
  4. Click the Send Emails button at the bottom of your enrollment data. 
  5. Select a template based on your email.  If you are not using a canned template, choose the Blank Enrollment Template
  6. Choose an appropriate subject line.
  7. Optional: add any attachments needed.
  8. Select the appropriate people the email should go to from the list of check boxes. 


By default, the email will go to the student.  If you don’t want it to go to the student then select the “Don’t copy Student” checkbox.

The Send also to Student’s Messages Inbox refers to a function that is not turned on.  This can remain checked.

The Send one email per student checkbox will only send one email if the student was selected multiple times.  This is a good checkbox to use if you are sending a relatively generic email that is not pulling in course and enrollment information (a field trip email for example).  Any data pulled would get pulled from the first time the student appeared in your list.  Example: if they were in both Physics 30 and Chemistry 30, the data pulled would be from whatever enrollment data was listed first.

  1. Write the content of your email.  You can pull in variables using the drop down in the content editor.  A variable will pull in data based on the tab you are in.  In this case, it will only pull in demographic and contact data, not enrollment data.

Note: the [SIGNATURE] variable is currently not functioning correctly.

Note: the [COMMENTS] variable will pull comments made in the Current Enrollments page.  If you are using this field as an anecdotal place for only you and other teachers to see then do not use this variable.  If you are using it more for report-card-like comments, then this would be something you could use.

  1. Preview your email by clicking the Update Sample button below the contents of the email.

Note: if you used any variables in your email, the sample will populate the variables with the first student in the list.

  1. Click the Send button at the top of the page.