This will explain the Affiliations Tab, the data it holds, and its function.

The Affiliations Tab holds all of the Affiliations (schools students attend) and their enrollment data and contact information.

By default, the contact for an Affiliation is the Principal or Administrator involved with distance learning.

Technically, Affiliations (schools) are “Sub-Affiliations” while Super Affiliations are school divisions.  All sub affiliations are tied to a super affiliation.

If you click on the name of an Affiliation, you can access its Affiliation Profile.

Affiliation Profile

This page will display the contact information for the Affiliation in the Basic Information at the top.

Below the Basic Information will be a list of users for the Affiliation.  These users will typically have the Affiliation Role or the Mentor Role.  By default, Principals will get the Affiliation role while other school supports will get the Mentor Role.  Sometimes, the Principal will also have the Mentor role.

Along the side of the profile, you can click the school’s Students link to see a list of all of their students.

Aside from getting contact information, teachers likely will not find much use from the Affiliation Tab.