1. Go to EDonline(https://edonline.sk.ca/webapps/login/).
  2. Enter your EDonline username and password. Most students enrolled in Saskatchewan already have accounts provided by the Ministry of Education. Your username is your first name - period - last name (firstname.lastname). Your password will be the two digits of your birth month and the two digits of your birth date as the password. Be sure to use your legal first name as registered with the Ministry of Education. All passwords should be four digits, so don't forget the zero if your birth month is from January to September.
    • For example, if your name is Bruce Wayne and your birthday is on April 27th, the information would be as follows:  
      • USERNAME: bruce.wayne
      • PASSWORD: 0427
    • If your name is Lisa Simpson and your birthday is on October 3rd, your login info would be:
      • USERNAME: lisa.simpson
      • PASSWORD: 1003