Some other useful information and tips for using conditional activities.

  • Conditional activities enable you to release information based on an individual's achievement.  This means that the progress is personal rather than released for the whole class.

  • It can be used to differentiate learning so that students are given tasks based on their achievements and understanding rather than everyone having the same information.  Students do not need to know that are being given different resources based on their achievement.

  • You can have multiple conditions set for a resource (for example the student must complete all 10 activities about the topic before the assessment submission is made available).

  • It is easiest to add the resources and activities and set up the activity completion first and then go back into the activities to set the conditions.

  • At first, it is a good idea to limit the amount of activities you add conditions to so that you don't get too confused.  You may want to draw a plan of the learning pathway so that you know which resources are dependent on other activities.