Resources include:


Book - Multi-page resources with a book-like format

File - A picture, a pdf document, a spreadsheet, a sound file, a video file

Folder - For helping organize files and one folder may contain other folders

IMS content package - Add static material from other sources in the standard IMS content package format

Label - Can be a few displayed words or an image used to separate resources and activities in a topic section, or can be a lengthy description or instructions

Page - The student sees a single, scrollable screen that a teacher creates with the robust HTML editor

URL - You can send the student to any place they can reach on their web browser, for example Wikipedia

We will focus on Pages, Labels and Books


Click on “Add Activity or Resource”



-Student sees a single, scrollable screen

-Can add text, images, audio, video, embedded code, or any combinations of these

-Useful for setting up assignments, course information or supplemental content



-Uploaded content shows up on the main page so this is used for minimal content

-Can be used to improve the appearance or richness of a course by adding text, images, multimedia (embed audio, videos, etc.) in between links

-Banners, descriptions, reminders may be used to distinguish between and highlight different areas


-This is a way to layer your content (clean it up) while keeping the overall flow of your course linear

-Can have main chapters and sub-chapters

-Books can be printed entirely or by chapter

-Not interactive (SELF CONTAINED), but you CAN link to anything else within your course like quizzes, pages, lessons, etc. (so you can still use completion tracking effectively)