Create a Drag and Drop onto Image Matching Question

It is very easy and quick to make a drag and drop matching question like the one below.

You need an image file, and you may need to draw arrows or lines pointing to the diagram on paint, before importing the image. That will be the most time consuming part!

Now, go to Question Bank -> Questions and press the “Create a New Question” button, then choose the Drag and Drop onto Image question type. Enter your question name and question type, then upload your image in the Preview section.

Next, skip over the Drop Zones section and head straight to Draggable Items. Here, in each item, you can change the type to Draggable Text and enter the term for each label. After this is done, go to the bottom of the page to click the “Save changes and continue editing” button.

Once you have all the draggable items set up, go back to Drop zones and, for each drop zone, choose one of your draggable text items from the drop-down menu. Each time you choose a draggable item, it will appear underneath the picture above.

Once you have entered all of the draggable items into the corresponding drop zones, all you have to do is drag each item onto where you want the correct answer to be. Your online course takes care of the rest.

Note that the numbers 2 and 72 were generated by your online course. Once you have dragged all of the labels onto the diagram, the question is ready to use. Save it and you are done!