1. Turn editing on

  2. Click on “Add an activity or resource” and choose “Assignment” from the menu

  3. On The “Adding a new assignment page”, add

    • The assignment title

    • The assignment description

    • Any additional resources to link

  1. Under Availability, modify the settings to edit when students can access and complete the assignment

  1. “Allow submissions from” is the date students can start submitting

  2. “Due date” is when students must complete their assignments

  3. “Cut off date” is the date on which students won’t be able to submit any more

  4. “Remind me to grade by” is the date you must grade each student's assignment.

    Check off the “Enable” boxes to disable any of the Availability settings.

  1. Under “Submission types” edit 

  1. What submission types are allowed

  2. How many submissions are allowed

  3. The maximum file size

  4. What file types can be submitted

  1. Under “Feedback comments” enable

  1. Feedback comments

  2. Annotate PDF

  3. Feedback files (to allow you to submit files to the student with your feedback)

  1. Under “Submission settings”

  1. Set “Require students to click the submit button” to Yes

  2. Set “Additional attempts” to “manually”

  1. Under “Grade”

  1. Select the grading type from “Type”

  2. Choose the grading method from “grading method”

  3. Select the lowest grade to pass the assignment from “Grade to pass”

  1. Under “Common module settings”, choose from “Availability” whether or not the assignment will show on Moodle

  2. Press “Save and Display”