Add a link to a website

This can quickly and easily take users to a prescribed source of information.

  1. Click on Add a resource text in the section where you would like to add the resource
  2. Click on URL

A new screen will appear

  1. Type in your chosen title for the link that the students will click on to access the resource
  2. Type in a brief description.
  3. In the external URLĀ box, type in the website address (or you can paste with Ctrl + V or right click and paste)

Next we need to choose how the page should open. This is done with the 'display' drop down menu.

If you want the students to be spending some time on the website and moving around the website, click on where it says 'automatic' and choose pop-up.

If the students just need to read the information on the page, you can embed the website into the your online course screen! In the display area, click on 'automatic' and change it to embed.

Finally, click on Save and return to courseĀ and it will add the link to the course.