1. Turn editing on

  2. Select “Grades” on the sidebar

  3. From the dropdown menu, select “Course grade settings”

  4. Under “Grade display type”, choose between “Real”, “Percentage”, and “Letter”

  5. Press “Save changes”

  6. Press “Turn editing on” to manually edit each student's grade.

  7. To make an assignment have a separate grading type, click “Turn editing on”, and click on the gear icon beside the assignment. Under “Grade display type”, select the grade type, and press “Save changes”

  8. To change how grades are weighted, Select “Letters > Edit” from the dropdown menu. A menu will appear that can change what Letter represents what percentage. Press “Save changes” once finished.

  9. To edit every item, select “Gradebook setup” from the dropdown menu. Each item can be moved, edited, hidden, or deleted.