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Math A30

General Class Expectations

Attendance: is extremely important. Your marks will be influenced by attendance and participation in class. Not to mention that you will have difficulty keeping up with assignments if you have difficulty attending class.

Lates: Sufficient time is allowed for students to move from class to class. Please read and understand your schools policy as it applies to lates.

Missed Tests: If you must be absent for a test/quiz, please have your parent/guardian call the school and excuse your absence. This call must be made prior to the test. If you miss a test/quiz without informing me of your absence, you will receive a mark of zero. If you have an acceptable excuse for missing the exam/quiz you will be given an opportunity to write the exam/quiz at an appointed time. Missing your re-test will result in a mark of zero.

Daily Assignments: are extremely important in this class, therfore, it is necessary that you keep up-to-date with your work. If you do not complete an assignment in class and need extra time, email me and we can work something out.

Materials: Please bring to every class your textbook, pencil, eraser, calculator and a ruler or straight edge. If you have access to a TI - 83 graphing calculator bring that as well.