In your online course there were two options within 'add a resource' for adding pages.  These were compose a text page or compose a webpage.  Now there is only one option that is a 'page'.

This enables you to create a single page that will work well within your online course and will not need to be downloaded or have any extra software to load it.  If you have a word document that only contains text, images and videos (ie: it is not interactive) then a page in your online course would be better.  You can even copy and paste the text from Word (using the options below).

You can even embed images and videos, including You Tube videos, into the page.

To add a page:

  • Click on add a resource
  • Choose page
  • In the 'name' box, type in a title for the information / page (this is what the user will click on)
  • In the 'description' box, write a very brief summary of what the information is.
  • In the 'page content' box, type the information you want to provide.
  • You can use the tool bar to change the text size, type, colour etc.
  • You can also paste text into the this page. If you are pasting from Word, you must click on the paste Word icon as shown in the image below. 

  • When the webpage is finished, click on 'save and display' at the bottom of the page you are on. There are lots of other options available that are linked with group use, conditional activities and course completion. If you have already had training on these, feel free to make the changes you want - otherwise - ignore it for now and find out more later. You can always come back and change it.