Adding a Folder

You can add a folder containing multiple resources.  In your online course it was called 'display a directory' but now we add a 'folder' which makes a lot more sense!!

Folders can be useful to present multiple files on the same topic without filling up the section with lots of links.  Think about a catering course with 20 example menus.  One folder with all the menus in it will be much easier to navigate, manage and view than 20 files added to the course screen.

After you have created a folder you either add each file individually OR you can upload a zipped folder with all the files within in and then unzip it.  Both are explained below.

Adding a folder

  • Turn editing on and click on 'add a resource'.  Click on folder.
  • Give the folder a name (eg: menus) and you can also add a description if you want.
  • In the content section you have two options of 'add' and 'create folder'.  If you only want this one folder with all the content in it, click on 'add' to start to add the files you want.  However, if you want a number of folders in this folder (such as starters, mains, desserts) click on 'create folder' to create sub-folders.  
  • For one folder only:  Click on 'add'.
  • It will take you to the file picker.  Find the first file you want in the folder (for example, click on 'upload a file' and find the file on your computer).  Click on 'add' again for each file you want in this folder.  
  • Time saving tip: If you already have the files in a folder on your computer, you can zip them up on your computer.  When clicking on add find and choose your zipped folder to upload it.  After it has uploaded and it appears in the content section on your screen, you will see a small box icon to the right of it.  Click on this and choose 'unzip' from the menu.  All the files are now in your folder!  If you don't want the students to access the zipped folder, now click on the box icon on the right hand side of it again and click on 'delete'.
  • For sub-folders: Click on 'create folder' and give the folder a name.  Repeat this for each folder you want.  You wil see these appear in the content section.  Click on the name of the folder you want to add files into and complete the process for adding individual files (as explained above).  You can also upload zipped folders into these folders as well.
  • When you have added all the content you want within the folder(s), scroll down the page and click on 'save and display'.

The files and folders will be shown on the screen.  There is also an edit button for teachers to go into the folder to manage the files (add more, delete files etc).