1. Turn on editing

  2. Click “Add an Activity or Resource”, and choose “Book” from the options

  3. Enter in name and description

  4. Under “Chapter formatting” select the preferred method of formatting 

  5. Under “Common module settings”, set “Visible” to “Show on course page”

  6. Press “Save and display”

  7. On the “Editing chapter” page, enter the chapter title, and write the chapter content in the “content” window

  8. When the chapter is finished, click “Save changes”

  9. On the right side of the screen in the “Table of Contents” panel there are 4 options 

a) Edit 

b) Delete 

c) Hide 

d) Add new chapter

  1. To create a subchapter, a normal chapter must be created first. Once it is created, click the “add new chapter” button, and in the “Editing chapter” window check the box that says “Subchapter”.

  2. With multiple chapters created, click the arrow icon beside each chapter in the “Table of contents” table to reorder them.

  3. To print the book, go to the top right click the gear icon, and select either “Print this book” or “Print this chapter” from the dropdown menu. These options are available for both teachers and students.