1. Click the gear icon in the top right, and click “edit settings”. 

You can change

  1. The course’s name

  2. The course’s short name

  3. The course category (will likely already have been chosen)

  4. The date on which the course will become available

  5. The course summary (shown in Moodle before students are enrolled, helps students decide if the course is for them or not

2.  Click on “Course Format”

  1. Under “Format” choose “Topics format”

  2. Under “Hidden sections”, select “Hidden sections are shown in collapsed form”

  3. Under course layout, choose “Show all sections on one page”

3. Click on “Appearance”, and under “Force theme”, select “Do not force”

4. Click on “Files and uploads”, and under “Maximum upload size”, select 100 MB

5. Once finished, press “Save and display”