Sask DLC has purchased Pearson Saskatchewan Portal subscriptions for grades 3-9 students, providing student and teacher digital copies of Pearson math, science, ELA and social resources.  Please note that all the blackline masters, SMART Board programs are also included on the portal and are embedded in the teacher resource.

Teacher, librarian and teacher candidate passwords and log ins for Pearson Saskatchewan Portal have been set up for the 2018-19  school year.  The log in  is your Sask DLC email address and the password has been set to Educator2 as the default. This can be changed to whatever password you like after your first log in.  If you are unable to log in successfully, please email Sondra Potratz and provide her with the error message you are receiving and she will be able to assist you in either accessing the etexts or letting the Pearson support know your login/password is not working. 

Student passwords for the Pearson Saskatchewan Portal change every year.  Your 2018-19 lists were sent to schools last week, so please check with your school administrator or school secretary for your student list.  The student lists you are receiving were created July 2018 based on end of year information, so any new student that registered this fall will need to be set up and assigned a password. Please have your school secretary send the names and grade levels of students who are missing from the etext log in and password list to Sondra Potratz and we will get new log ins and passwords set up for them. 

To assist you with your use of etexts and introduction to your classroom, I have included the attached information and documents: 


How to Access the Pearson Saskatchewan Portal

  1. A link has been set up on the Sask DLC home page under both the Student and Teacher tabs. Another method to use to access books when they don't show up on your bookshelf is
  2. go to the Saskatchewan portal page and click on the resources tab in the right hand corner.  From there select the etext you wish to work with and sign in with your log in name and password.  

Please note:  To access Live Ink, you must go through the Saskatchewan portal page and click directly on the Live Inkresource. 


How to Access the Pearson Saskatchewan Portal on an I Pad, tablet or Smartphone

To access the Pearson Saskatchewan Portal on an Ipad, tablet, or smartphone you must download an app in order to view your eTexts. Please note that there is a link on the Pearson page that you might have tried to use.  This takes you to the US App store, which does not work in Canada. Do not use this link...instead, go to the App store directly from your device, and search for "Pearson eText for Canada" This should take you to an app that looks like an "e" sitting on an open book with a maple leaf. This is a free app to download and is excellent if you are using an ipad or a tablet. For those who are accessing etexts with a smart phone, an new app (stylized blue ribbon) that is more compatible with smartphones has been added this year.  This app will also work on a tablet or IPhone

Once your app is downloaded, teachers/students can use their username/password to login, and they will see their bookshelf with all their eTexts. They cannot see the rest of the content that sits on the SK Portal (such as interactive whiteboard files, PDFs, etc), These files can be accessed on iPads through the Safari browser, Smart files will not open on an iPad or a device without SMART software.

 Videos to use to learn about etexts

(these videos are also linked on the Pearson Sask Portal page-please note they will take a bit of time to load and a gray screen may appear at first.  Pressing play will start the etext.)

Introduction to eText:

Searching in an eText:

Using Whiteboard view in an eText:

Step by step instructions and visuals

Please see attached files to learn the basics of etexts and to learn how to set up a course id for both teachers and students.  I have also included an attachment outlining some new features about the portal and my presentation from ILearn.

Please feel free to email or call Sondra Potratz if your password does not work .  If you have any additional questions or if you require help accessing or using etexts in your classroom, be sure to contact your technology coach and they will assist you in getting the etexts up and running.

Have a great year!