The project page is where you'll find all the information about a specific project including, important announcements and decisions, your to-dos, and documents/ files. 

By default, each project page will have 6 rooms: 

Message Board
Automatic check-ins
Docs & Files

1. Campfire

The campfire room is intended for casual conversations like asking questions you don't know who to ask, saying hello to everyone in the morning, sharing interesting links, chiming in on current events, and pictures of cats.

Adding a comment

  • Scroll up in a chat window to view what you missed. When you want to add a comment, type your text at the bottom of the window and hit the enter key.

Attaching files / images

  • To attach files, click  in the text box and select the file you want to attach to your message.
  • You can also drag and drop saved images, or paste image URLs into a chat line

Notifying people in a message

  • To grab someone’s attention in Campfire, you can  @mention them by typing the @ symbol followed by their name. They’ll receive a notification for the mention.

Deleting a post

  • If you need to delete a post, click on "•••" next to the time stamp above your post.

    A red trash can will appear next to your post! Click on that to delete the post.

For more information, visit

2. Message Board

Posting in the Message Board of a project is ideal for making announcements, pitching ideas, asking questions to everyone on the project, and more. When you want to post an idea that doesn't necessarily belong in a text doc or in a Campfire — but you do want others to see it, and for it to have a more permanent place to live — message board! It's a happy medium for those middle-of-the-road conversations.

Adding a message

  • To create a new message, enter the Message Board and click Post a new message.
  • You can classify the type of message you're posting for better organization. The options are Announcement, Decisions, FYI, Heartbeat, Pitch, and Question.

When your message is posted, the emoji will appear at the beginning of the title in both the index view and the message itself:

Filtering messages

  • You can also filter messages on the Message Board by clicking on the "All messages" dropdown menu:

Choose who to notify

  • Once you're finished composing, you can click "Change..." to Add/remove people at the bottom of the page. You can choose who is notified about your post. Keep in mind that it does not *hide* the post from anyone on the project.When you're ready to post the message, click the green Post this message button. If you're not ready to send the message just yet, click Save Draft and Basecamp 3 will  keep it saved for when you're ready.

3. To-dos