The home screen is divided into 3 sections: Our Company, Teams, and all the Projects you're working on.

1. Our Company

At the top of the Home screen, you'll see A) The Sun West DLC HQ and B) links to "your stuff".

A) Sun West DLC HQ : This is where you will find company-wide announcements and stuff everyone needs to know. Here you will find...

  • Campfire- For casual conversations like asking questions you don't know who to ask, saying hello to everyone in the morning, sharing interesting links, chiming in on current events, and pictures of cats.
  • Message Board- Company-wide announcements, if you have an important announcement to make, a big idea to share or you want to say something that you want to make sure everyone hears
  • Schedule - a shared schedule
  • Division job postings
  • Docs & Files- Documents everyone needs access to

B) Links to "your stuff" : This is where you will find your to-do assignments, bookmarks, your schedule, your drafts, your recent activity and your boosts.

  • My Assignments - to-dos that have been assigned to you
  • My Bookmarks - Click the "Bookmark" button on any to-do list, doc, message, etc. in Basecamp and it'll show up on the My Bookmarks page for easy reference
  • My Schedule - Looking for what you've got on your schedule? Check out My Schedule to see those events you're part of along with your upcoming to-dos.
  • My Drafts - If you worked on a doc or message but did not yet publish, go to your Saved Drafts section to find all your drafts.
  • My Recent Activity - To get an overview of everything you've done recently 
  • My Boosts - When you post something to Basecamp, others can react with Boosts. Only you will be notified about them

2. Teams

Most companies have a few smaller teams, like Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance, etc. Basecamp's teams are the perfect place for those groups to share ideas, ask each other questions, share stuff they’ve seen that their colleagues would appreciate, etc. Think of them like mini-HQs. These aren’t projects with beginning and end dates — they are perpetual spaces.

3. Projects

You’ll make a project for all the work you’re keeping track of in Basecamp. Think “website redesign,” “marketing campaign,” “fundraiser,” or anything else you’ve got cooking.