There is no simple 'print' button for quizzes in your online course. But as always there is a workaround.
Export the questions from the quiz administration menu into XHTML format:
moodle settings for quiz printing in admin menu
This is what you see after clicking on Export:
xhtml format for printing

Please note: This workaround is not perfect for matching questions. For this question type the answers are not exported.

Another option is:

Printing your online course Quiz To print a quiz from your course, first make sure each of the questions are displayed on one page.

This can be done on the settings page for a quiz, beneath the Layout heading.

In the New Page menu, select Never, all questions on one page.

Next, check the Repaginate now checkbox.

Saving that change will move all of your questions onto one page.  

Next, start a preview of the quiz. This can be done by selecting the Preview option in theAdmin menu when editing a quiz.

When the preview begins and the questions are visible on the screen, use your browser’s print options to print the page/