• To minimize the "scroll of death" for our users
  • Create consistent look and feel for course


Step 1: Turn Editing on

Step 2: Select 'Edit Settings'

Step 3: Scroll down and open 'Course Format'

Step 4: Select "hidden sections are shown in a collapsed format" (This collapses your topics)

Step 5: Select "No additions" under Elements (Why? This shuts the word toggle off on the topic titles)

Step 6: Select "Centre" for toggle text alignment (Why? All titles on topics are centered) 

Topic Naming 


  • There are many different naming systems used at our school which is confusing for the user
  • Create a consistent naming system


Step 1: Turn Editing On

Step 2: Change the names of the topics by clicking on the pencil tool

Step 3: Type in the Unit # Title with no punctuation. Press Enter to make title save.