1. Setting up your Gradebook Using Grade Items

  • To add a grade item:

    1. Select "Gradebook setup" from the course administration menu in your course.

    2. Scroll down and click on the "Add grade item" button near the bottom of the page.

    3. Give your grade item a name corresponding to the assessment name you want to track.

    4. Under “Grade type,” select “Scale.”

    5. Under “Scale,” select “Complete/Incomplete.”

    6. If you would like to hide the grade item from student view, check the box next to “Hidden.”

    7. Click the "Save changes" button.

  • Repeat until you have created all the grade items you wish to track within your course. 

  • Once you finish creating grade items, you will want to ensure they are in the correct order.

  • To move an individual item anywhere in the gradebook, click the Up/Down arrows before the activity name.  

2. Things That Need Doing

  • Setup grade items for each tracked assessment in the course.
  • Arrange and sort grade items in the grade book.
  • Hide grade items if desired.