Why use checklists?

  • You want to create a list of tasks students should complete
  • You want to create a list of tasks for students to complete based on your courses activities and resources
  • You want students to add their own sub-tasks under a checklist you created.

Step 01: Adding a Checklist to your Course

  1. Turn Editing on
  2. In the section you want your checklist to be in, Click 'Add an activity or resource'
  3. Select 'Checklist' in the Activities list
  4. Enter the name of the checklist
  5. Under 'Settings' adjust the settings for the Checklist
    1. Settings
      • Users can add their own items: Select 'Yes' if you want your students to add items to the checklist you created.
      • Updates by: Determines who can change a checklist. Note: The 'Student and Teacher' option requires teachers to confirm student changes.
      • Add due dates to calendar: You have the option of adding due dates to checklist items(s). Select 'Yes' if you want your due date(s) to be shown on the students calendar.
      • Teachers can add comments: Allows teachers to add personalized comments on student's individual checklist items.
      • Maximum grade: If you want to make the checklist ungraded, set this value to 0.
      • Email teachers when checklist is complete: This option sends an email to the student and/or teacher when the checklist is marked as complete
      • Show course modules in checklist: Adds activities and resources from the current section or entire course and adds a link to each item. Note: If you later add additional activities or resources to the section (or course), the new items will automatically be added to the list
      • Check-off when modules complete: Automatically checks items in the checklist when they are marked as complete in the course.
      • Lock teacher marks: When this setting is enabled, once a teacher has saved a 'Yes' mark they will be unable to change it

Step 02: Add items to Checklist

  1. Open your checklist
  2. Click the 'Edit checklist' tab. The Edit checklist menu will open.
  3. A) To manually add an item to the list, in the blank text field, enter a name and click 'ADD'. The item will appear on the checklist. B) To allow dates to be added for manually-added items, click 'Edit dates', uncheck the Disable, and use the drop-down menus to set the day, month, and year.

Step 03: Edit checklist items

  • To turn a manually added item into a heading, click therequired icon twice. The item will change to look like this: 
  • To toggle between showing an item as required to optional click therequired icon once. The item will change to look like this:
  • To show/hide an automatically added activity or resource, click theeye icon.
  • To show/hide multiple activities or resources at once, select the checkbox (at far left) of items, then click 'show/hide selected items' (at top of list)
  • To change the text color of an item (cycles through 5 present colours), click thetext colour icon
  • To edit the name and due date for a manually-added item, click the gear icon
  • To indent the item or move it up and down the list, click thearrows
  • To delete a manually-added item, click the Delete icon
  • To insert a new item immediately below the current item, click thegreen plus icon

Step 04: Manage the Checklist

  1. Click the 'View Progress' tab to see a chart of how the students are currently progressing through the checklist
  2. Click the Magnifying glass iconlocated into the right of a particular student's name
    • If 'Updates by: Student and Teacher' is enabled, confirm that an item is complete by choosing 'Yes' or 'No' for each item. Click 'Save' or 'Save and show next' when you're done. Note: the student's progress bar will not increase until a teacher agrees that the task is completed. **This is what the student sees**
    • If Teachers can add comments, Click 'Add comments' to add a comment next to an item. Click 'Save' or 'Save and show next' to save your message.
    • Click 'Toggle names & dates' to see the date and time the task was completed and the name of the individual who marked the task as complete.