In this Help and Information tutorial you will learn how to book a room in the DLC using Outlook 2013/2016

Method 1: Using Outlook Windows Program

  1. To schedule a meeting in a particular room in Outlook, from your calendar, click on “New Appointment” on the ribbon toolbar.

  2. Click the Invite Attendees button in the top ribbon toolbar.

  3. Add a room as an invitee.  To get a list of rooms, type MR-DLC then press CTRL + K on the keyboard.  Select a room from this list.
  4. Click the Scheduling Assistant button in the top ribbon toolbar:

  5. Find a time that works for all invitees, including the room.  For more information on how to use Scheduling Assistant, click here.  I suggest using CTRL + F on this page and search for "Scheduling" which will take you to the Scheduling Assistant section.

Method 2: Using Office 365 in the Outlook Web App

  1. When signed into Office 365 in your web browser, go to Outlook.
  2. Select the Outlook calendar using the icon at the bottom left of the Outlook window.
  3. Create a new calendar event from the “New” dropdown menu. 
  4. Enter the details for the meeting in the next window.
  5. In the second information box, select “Add room” from the dropdown menu and select “DLC-Roomlist
  6. Select the room you wish to meet in from the list of available rooms.
  7. Complete the remaining meeting details and send the meeting invitation.