1. Sign into YouTube and switch to the Sun West DLC YouTube channel 
  2. Go to Playlists by...
    • A) Click the Sun West DLC YouTube channel profile picture on the top-right 
    • B) Click YouTube Studio 
    • C) Click Playlists
  3. Click on the top right corner to create a new playlist.
    • A) Add a playlist title
    • B) Change from Public to Unlisted (so only people with a link can view the playlist)
    • C) Click Create
  4. After you click, "Create"  you should see your new playlist in the channel playlist page. Refresh the page if you don't see it.
  5. Click the Edit Icon (pencil)
  6. Click the ellipses, "....", then click, "+Add videos" 
  7. Add videos by either entering the URL of the video or searching for it...
    • Click the 'URL' tab and enter the URL of the video, OR
    • Click 'Your YouTube videos', then search for and click the videos.
      Note: To select multiple videos, hold the CTRL (Windows) or Command (MAC) key. 

    • Click Add Videos when you're done

  8. To get the embedded video code, Click the Share icon and copy the embed code.