In this help and Information tutorial, you will learn how to delay the delivery of an email to a specified time and date, using Outlook.

Delaying the delivery of an email

  1. Create your email message
  2. Click the Options tab
  3. In the "More Options" group, click Delay Delivery 
  4. A) Select the "Do not deliver before" check box if it's unchecked. B) Select the time and date you want your email to be sent. C) click Close
  5. click Send

Changing the delivery time of an email

If you want to change the time of a delayed email or send it automatically:

  1. In the left side folder pane, click the Outbox folder (This is where your delayed email's sit before they are sent)
  2. Open the delayed message by double clicking the message and change the delivery time like you did before (Delaying the delivery of an email : Steps 2 - 5).

How to send the email immediately 

If you decide that you want to send your delayed email immediately, uncheck the "Do not deliver before" box and click Send (Your message will be sent immediately after you click send)