Step 1:

Login into with the Username: SaskDLC and the Password: distance

Step 2: 

Find your name and check that the classes listed beside your name are correct. Please email your campus admin with any changes that need to be made.

Step 3:

Click on your name

  • The Timetable at the top will show any bookings you have - currently, there should be no booking there as the event is not live yet
  • Under Availability, you will see the PTC dates and times. Click the word "All" to block out the days you are not staying - those should turn to all red X's.
  • If you have any other times during the nights you are staying down that you know you are busy with a conference call, or you have a family visiting, etc. Click on those individual times and they will turn to red X's as well. All changes are saved automatically.

That is it, once the event goes live you will be able to check back here for your bookings, print your schedule, search the parent list to see who has already booked, etc. You can also make bookings for Parents if need be - just click "Book for a Parent" in the - if you have any questions, please email your campus administrator