You can share one or several of your distribution lists as an attachment in an e-mail to another teacher.

  1. Open a new Message in Outlook
  2. Address it to the teacher that will need the information
  3. Enter the Subject and body text if needed
  4. In the Message ribbon, click on Attach Item – then select Outlook Item
  5. In the upper portion of the pop-up window, choose Contacts and on the right side of the window, make sure that the option in the Insert As section is Attachment

  6. In the lower window, hold down the CONTROL key and select all of the distribution list that you are sending

  7. When done, click OK, and send message

Saving a Distribution List that was sent to you

  1. Open the message with the Distribution List as an attachment.

  2. Do NOT open the attachment(s).

  3. Click, hold and drag the attachment to the People icon in the lower left hand side.
    • As you click and drag, the cursor will turn into an arrow with a plus sign (+).

  4. After you drop all the attachments onto the People icon you should be able to close the email message.

  5. Click the People icon and check that or distribution list now shows up in your contacts.