Step 01: Click on Forum Icon


Step 02: Click New Discussion Topic Button


Depending on your course instruction, depends on whether or not the learner will start a new discussion topic OR continue to discuss on the current discussion thread that is posted. See example below: The instructor has stated "Click Lesson 7 Forum" to reply to prompt instead of using the blue button, "new discussion topic".


Step 03: Answer the Prompt or Question for the Forum Task

for each forum response, the instructor will provide a question or a task for the learner to complete. To make a quality forum response, consider the following tips:

  • Answer the question/prompt by providing evidence
  • Make a personal connection
  • Reply to other learners responses by stating something you liked
  • Ask a question to help clarify or stimulate future forum conversation
  • Reread the comment

Step 04: Click "Reply" to post on Forum

the "reply" is located on the bottom right corner of the forum post


Step 05: Complete your Forum Response

1. Depending on your instructor will depend on the "Subject" that you will create.

2. In the message area, the learner will type their response to the Forum Question or Task.

3. There is also an option to add files, such as images, videos, documents

4. Click "Post to Forum" when completing Forum post.